Kurt Loves his Pet-Mat

Michelle Roberts‎
My elderly 15 year old Burmese cat loves his Pet-Mat, got it for him this winter and so glad I did – he sleeps on it all the time.
Michelle Roberts‎ Owner of Kurt

The Malaboo Chow Chow and her Pet-Mat

“It’s a very good product we are very happy with it and recommend other breeders use it… all the puppies like it as well, we breed Chow Chows.”
Cassie Malaboo Chow Chows

Coco Loves her Pet-Mat

“The mat is fabulous it keeps our little dog going all winter as she has arthritis.”
Josephine Victoria

Tushka & Izzy love their Pet-Mats

“The Pet-Mats have been a huge hit & the cats have hardly been off them during these cold Melb nights. Tushka & Izzy also play musical mats – one jumps off the mat she’s on to eat or go to the loo, the other wakes up & gets on the vacated mat then the other one comes back & settles down on the other mat. Hilarious to watch! The grey cat is my 17 year old Russian Blue, Tushka, whom I originally bought the first mat for when she was recovering from an operation.”
Kaz Victoria